Hacking trains

Hey @Boris I saw this (amazing tale) and thought of you.


Good story! Lots of bribes preventing pursuit of prosecution perhaps. And if you were in the train procurement business, you’d be giving that manufacturer a wide berth.

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that’s amazing! (in a not great way).

I’ve heard London Underground bought some trains (I think the s stock on the met, district, circle, H&C) but didn’t buy the maintenance from them, and they got a bit arsey about supplying parts, but this takes the biscuit! (this is also hearsay, so might not be true, or quite correct)

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Cheeky fuckers. I’d like to think we’d take that to the courts in the UK.

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I heard from a copper once that the Met were offered Audi’s at 40% off RRP to replace their BMW fleet. They turned it down because the flipside was all servicing had to be done by Audi.

Subaru were the same offered a police force scoobys for free so long as they did the servicing. Now although that seems a good deal, apparently it would of put some mechanics out of a job so it was binned so I heard!

This has just reminded me that my iPhone needs a new screen…