GXSR Disks

I need a set of standard brake disks for a GSXR 600 SRAD front end.

I have a set of EBC prolights that are in good condition but need to be rebuilt.

Any offers or swaps.

Next time I am back at my house (probably Saturday), I shall try and have a look for you. I have boxes of bits for a 600 SRAD, if you may be interested let me know. I def have a frame, a couple of cans, suspension bits, all sorts of stuff. Wets on wheels, I believe they may have discs so they can come from there if I have. Just let me know if I need to have a look.

What colour is the front wheel? (Prays for Black) Mine is blue and does not match the rear wheel.

Darn if i knew you had SRAD bits i would have asked if you had the clipons & yokes. But ive bought them now.

Ive got a nice penske shock on the rear of my SV anyway now & a SRAD 600 racetek internals frontend is going on soon hopefully.

I believe that the wheels are white, don’t take that as gospel though, havn’t seen them in years. I shall check out what I have got, and i do believe that there are a few clip ons somewhere. Probably got an air filter or two, def had some sprockets and lots of other bits. Got a couple of sets of damaged but usable race fairings as well. Will check when I am there at the weekend.