here i am, friday afternoon, free weekend looming with no plans, weather looking lovely outside, and my bike is 500miles away on the other side of the irish sea!


You didn’t plan that very well.

I’ve got a ride out on Saturday and the forecast is iffy. Does that help?

well i had to come over to northern ireland for work, and thought id take the weekend to see family whilst im here.was going to ride the bike over, but it just wasnt possible, needed to be here yesterday, mon and tues, but couldnt afford to loose work time for the long trip to get here and back.

an hour on the plane was enough time lost! :w00t:

No pity for you :w00t:

i might not get out on the bike as much as id like to , but its still more than you do :smiley:

Your point being? :hehe::w00t::stuck_out_tongue: