Gutted i Failed my CBT

well i dont think i did that bad sinse it was my first time on a bike (Honda 125) with 6 gears lol at 8.30am i didnt have the slightest clue about bike controls nevermind gear changes.
on a positive note its just my clutch control on slow monuvers that is a bit lacking
i was told everything else was great.:slight_smile:

oh my god i had my bike up to 70 mph wooooooooooo:D

sorry about that but im still buzzing, what a rush:w00t:
ive have to go back on friday for two hours and from what they told me i should pass

i hope so my bike is ariving on sunday and im not looking forward to only being able to sit on it with out going anyware!!!

OH Happy Days ahead oh yes:D



hi mate sorry to hear about this but better luck next time.

didn’t you say you passed the cbt a couple of days ago?:w00t:

Hi and welcome aboard.

You did say you’ve passed here :w00t:D’oh, Hi there and welcome, Never mind about the fail, best of luck for next time.:slight_smile:

Two days ago you said you passed!! :doze:


??? pass or fail dont matter…ya done 70 which is faster than Jp :D:D

I didn’t know it was possible to fail a CBT?

Think the first post was wishful thinking then! ;):D:D welcome to LB chap. Hope you give it another go and pass.

Although having failed you should automatically qualify for another FREE cbt, or as many as it takes to pass :smiley:

It is possible to fail a CBT. I remember doing mine and there was a guy that didn’t know which direction you should give way to traffic on a roundabout. He was sent home and told to read the highway code. It wasn’t me by the way :smiley:

I had someone like that on my CBT course!, the instructor sent him home with a DVD about bike accidents. He told the guy to come back tomorrow and he’ll give him a pop quiz about the DVD to make sure he watched it!,ha… it was a classic!

hi and welcome :slight_smile:

I had to go back for a second crack at mine, too. Breezed through. :slight_smile: You’ll be fine, dude.

I saw a guy fail while I was doing my DAS training. We were taking a break when we heard two of the instructors on the other playground shouting “NOOOO! BRAAAAKE!” while a fellow on a scooter was hurtling uncontrollably towards one of the fences at about 30mph.

Next time I saw him, he was mooching back towards the training centre. I don’t think he passed.

Good Luck and Fingers Crossed :smiley: Have you tried bribing the instructors with cups of tea and bacon butties? I found smiling and batting mt eye lashes helped… :stuck_out_tongue: I should point out I passed on my riding ability not thanks to bribes!.. and I’m sure you wouldn’t need to resort to these futile tactics to pass :wink:

Ha - a guy on my CBT admitted he hadn’t read the Highway Code, and when the training dude was asking the sign questions, this guy got the No Entry, the National Speed Limit Applies and the 30mph Max signs wrong - and they still passed him…

Mind you, they also passed me… :Whistling:

I have seen someone fail their CBT at least twice. The time I took my CBT one guy was there for his second go. He hadn’t been allowed out on the on-road component first time round because he wasn’t deemed safe.

He came back from the on-road component and got a massive lecture from the instructor on everything he’d done wrong on the ride… it was a long list.

I saw him back there the following week when I went to pick up some gear, having got myself a scooter and there he was re-sitting it again, for a third time!

Have always wondered if they ever did pass him.

sorry you did not pass better luck end of week :smiley: .all this cbt stuff is all before my time ;back then you could ride around on l plates until you wanted to take your test then pay 20 quid examiner stood on a street corner as you road round the block

ah keep trying the clutch u will get it on my cbt i poped her up a few times but i was riding from about 7 and on my full test i was going mad and all i had 2 do isd ride to a bike meet and back sorted. keep it up dont give up and u will get there… try a stroker i am so use to them ive forgot wot a 4t is!!! and after time u will be abel to hold the bike at a almost dead stop at lights etc with out even putting ya feet on the floor it’s just time and practice gd luck with the retest hope u pass soon… nutter

I love doing that! I often try to get all the way home without putting a foot down. It keeps the low-speed skills sharp. Riding a bike’s not just about apexing turns and pinning the throttle. :smiley:

DOH!!! THAT’S where i’ve been going wrong all these years :wink: