Guildford test routes

My test is to be held in Guildford.
I have been reading the other topics about test routes and with the help of Guiliano’s link (cheers mate!) to the DSA site and Google Maps, I came up with this -

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A bit of a have-a-go effort TBH, of course there’s no guarantee I’ll be doing route 31, so I guess I should map out the others! :wink:
(and then learn them all)

I think my test was something similar. One thing to remember is the bus lanes. The one that goes from the test centre down towards the traffic lights on Stoke Road is part-time, i.e. 7-10am and 4-7pm, so if your test’s outside those times, you MUST ride in the bus lane or you’ll get a penalty for not observing the road signs correctly.

Good luck for the test.

Good luck Garrett!!

I am sure you will pass.

Choc Muffin, are you the same Choc Muffin I met on the Great Wacky Wobblers Ride on the Box Hill Forum, when someone got lost?:P:D Just wondering, if so hello:)

@ ChoccieMuffin - Thanks for the tip!

@ Hels - Thanks for the encouragement.

u have waaaay to much time on ur hands garret!

i learnt all round guildford, and did my test in farnborough, day the airshow was on!

Best of luck - just remember - don’t focus too much on the routes, they will give you a good idea what to expect, but make sure you explore the area more generally.