Guess who's back!

did you miss us ? :D:D

so what gossip have I missed?:smiley:

Maybe and not a lot :smiley:

nope and plenty :):stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back! Where’s the pic’s then? Did Steve behave himself? :stuck_out_tongue:

give me a chance RR! only been back an hour. taken LOADSA pics so may take me a few days to post up

I missed you even if nobody else did.

Stacy did you bring Steve back in one piece? :smiley:

Oh and sort Tugs phone out for him, he can’t get picture messages, we were desperate to see what you were sending. :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome back stac where did you go :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back Stace how was ireland?:smiley:

Have you been away ? :ermm: Thought it was quiet :P:D

Guess who’s back? ARNIE!!! :D:D:D:D

Only kidding, did you and Steve have a good time?

welcome back stace! Are you two out and about tonight?

Guess who’s back? erm Lord lucan?

Hey! Hope you had a nice holiday and that you survived the flight out and comin home xxxx

Look forward to hearing about your holiday


Stace, Steve…no i don’t remember you guys who are you?:wink:

Welcome back to Blighty hope you had a good trip.

Kevin and Perry are back :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back :smiley:

nope i cant say that i did miss ya

kevin and perry have returned :P:D:D:P

lol thanks all xx

we had a fantastic time, we basically drove round the whole of northern Ireland, we saw so many different sights including Joey Dunlops memorial garden and bar. we also climbed mountains and visited the giants causeway. there’s too much to list! lol

the weather was on and off but didnt spoil it. I enjoyed meeting steves family even though i was very nervous lol :stuck_out_tongue: there great people :slight_smile:

I will be posting pictures up in the next few days

yup, we’re back, and heres some photos…

some are repeatative, but sledshow runs through quickly, enjoy!

didnt even notice you ad gone.:smiley: