Guess what this is

its a black line drawn on a brown piece of paper:w00t:

Cornwall? :ermm:

The outline to a route you may want to do during a trip that youre going to take on the 15/11/09? :slight_smile:

Outline of next weeks Jetstream Rideout? :blink:


Greaseproof paper backed by a Manila envelope, easy mistake but wrong nonetheless.:smiley:

No, sorry, easy mistake to make. Cornwall would look more like this:

No, easy mistake to make, the date is 15.04.09 (today, that’s when we did it):slight_smile:

Getting warmer :slight_smile:

No, sorry, easy mistake to make, but Nurburgring would look like this:

Treasure hunt map. :smiley:

Looks like a Northern Ireland Gasket !

Sorry Mark Northern Ireland looks more like this.:slight_smile:

And the winner is … ta da …Tom:D

Now all everyone has to do is to work out where it is and you could win:)

isle of man?

Sorry MC, good try, but the Isle of Man would look more like this:

(and Tom already guessed the right answer)

& there was me thinking it was Jet Stream Island awaiting planning permission for Martello towers!

Now you`re just being silly.:stuck_out_tongue: