GSXR600K4 (and others) Renthal sprockets

Just found a set of Renthal sprockets for GSXR600K3/4 in the garage. They’ll fit the 600 & 750 of most ‘K’ years, except it’ll be different gearing.

B&C Express list all the different sizes, but this is 1 down on the front - couple up for later 600’s and 750’s which is only a good thing :smiley:

£38 + P&P new from B&C. Brand new, only opened to knick the stickers for my old Supermoto.

£20 + postage (or collect from London Bridge during the week) for someone?



Long shot but… Will these fit a k1 by chance?


nice! a steal!

just make sure you have the right length chain and pitch (525) :wink:

k1 600? Yes mate they will, and on the standard chain aswell (K5+ and 750’s will need a longer chain but not the K1-K4 600’s