Would you believe it?! The Met Police gave me call - they found the bike near where it had been spotted by the above named immortal, and it has been recovered!!! I cannot describe how grateful I am to Rocker and the friendly biker copper VD member who put his colleagues in the area on the case.

This really is the sort of thing that restores your faith in the kindness of strangers and humanity, and the ability of decent people and the system to do exactly the right thing.

Suffice to say I am absolutely ecstatic about this!!!

Thank you all for your kind offers of help, and I look forward to being back on the road asap!!!

Kindest regards


thats good to hear mate, any damage at all?

Looks like they tried to make it more racer like - no lights at the back at all, no mirrors, no indicators at front, I will be seeing it tomorrow again hopefully!

fookin t0ssers

main thing is you got it back, the insurance should sort out the rest

glad u got it back mate hopefully the thieves will get what they deserve…

You must be really pleased. Ihope they haven’t done too much damage.

Aaaawwwwww Shucks, lol.

When harry said got it back and wot they had took off i was sure was his that had been flying about around here, i phoned him other day and he was in portugal, could have told me, lol, 1 thing i said that the rear light was off and he told me today that it was.

Well done to the copper who sorted it.

As said, harry find out exactly where it was found and let me know and i will keep my eyes peeled for other bikes there.

what a feeling eh?..

sooo glad you got ur bike back mate…well done gixa rocker!!!


bleedin marvellous well done that man

Bloody hell mate, that’s increadible! Gsxr Rocker, you’ve done us proud mate, job well done! I don’t believe it!

dont forget the coppers who found it etc, harry says it was londonirish off visordown, trojan did u have anything to do woth too?

Fantastic result there. Hope they got the scroats that got this too!

great news… great Forum… great people… Well done all

Great news! Nice to see things working out. Hope the damage is not too bad that they were also able to apprehend the thieves.