Gsxr 750 high mileage buy or not

vote #2 for walking away

If even Mian doesn’t want it, you know it’s a basket case.

Ok thank you guys for your inputs. I've checked the mot history and the guy has done around 10k every year so that's a good explanation of the high mileage. But there was a lot of failures over the years like bearings and loose chains, tyre worn to legal limit, but these are things which I would have looked at before taking it for MOT. So am assuming this guy just rode it and never had any mechanical experience and just fixed it only when broken.

So what is the cheap enough number for this bike?

if someone takes a bike to for an MOT with the tyre just on the legal side & with failed bearings

you should walk away.

a bike can do high mileage if serviced properly

this one clearly isn’t



What he said… Don’t buy it, there is plenty of offer for sports bikes in the UK, I’m sure you’ll find a bargain in better shape

Walk. Lots of nice bikes for just a bit more than 2K.  That is asking too much.  £1k and it might be worth it, but no more.

Right I’ve been taking in what everyone has said, and looked into cost of parts and am happy to say that am walking away from this.

At least now I know that the engine are bullet proof as long as it’s been looked after on the gsxr.

Thank you all for your comments.