GSXR 600 VS GSXR 1000


My previous bike was a CBR600rr04. I’m now looking for a new bike (the Honda got nicked) and was looking towards GSXR600 or 750 but the GSXR1000 K5 looks so good!

What i want to know is how big is the step up? Pros and cons etc.

Any advice gratefully received.


If you want ‘rip your face off’ performance and the bragging rights in the pub then get the 1000, if you want a usable all rounder with still plenty of go, but in a lighter more flick-able chassis go for the 750, its not the biggest cc wise but in the real world it’ll do everything you’ll ever need!

Jay has had both the 1000 and the 750 and has recently got back on a seven fiddy so he’ll be able to give you a better insight into the differences than I. Why he decided to replace his nicked 1000 with a 750 you’ll have to ask him, if the upgrades he’s done to the 750 are anything to go by it wasn’t budget that made up his mind! :wink:

Aye, I’ve had all those bikes (600 was an R6, not a GSX-R though) and they’re all brilliant. The K5 1000 I had for four years and loved it, it was bonkers and got me in trouble. It was amazing for the road, but a little too much for me at the track in terms of its size.

I’m on my third 750 now and absolutely love it. It’s small, light, is easier for me to throw around and is still way fast enough. For two-up touring it lags behind the 1000 and there’s times I wish I had one, especially recently, but the 750 is much more managable in my opinion.

I’m 5’10", 66kg and the 1000 was a bit of a bulk, even though it was one of the smallest 1000’s. The 750 matches my size better as mentioned.

For you it comes down to how big you are and what you want to do with it. Getting a test-ride on one is always a good idea, but it’ll be difficult to be objective and not be in awe of the monster power of the 1000.

750 is lower cost in terms of purchase, insurance, tyres and fuel and in my mind is better for the track, but the 1000 is better for longer rides on the road and doing really daft things. The 750 is brilliant at everything, but gets pipped on longer rides (that said, I did ride to and around Italy last summer on the 750 and loved it).

Splitting hairs basically. It’s nice to have had the experience of a 1000, but it’s not essential.

Jay ,

You say that the 750 is " cheaper " to purchase than the 1000 however I seem to think that this is only in terms of " cost new " as , when I have been looking at Gixxers on the used market , the 750 always seems to hold a stronger " residual " value than the equivalent 1000 ??

Perhaps it just goes to show that , in real terms , the " Middleweight " is the best to own afterall in terms of " whole life cost " and enjoyment ? ( or am I just unlucky in finding the right one ? )

There’s less 750’s out there, so it could well be! Yes, I was talking about new prices.

i have a k5 750 for track and at bedford autodrome on the long strait there wernt a lot in it,ask trackday junky :smiley:

Midlands Superbikes have both a 1000 and a 750 K5.

Obvious difference is: Size (engine & frame), Power & Price.

Go sit on a few, see which fits the best and purchase accordingly!

750 has my vote! Though due my height, I went for a 1000

ive had the k2 gixxer 1000 and thats quite a heavy bike,if i had the choice today i would buy the same year R1…

havnt ridden a 600 b4 but ive heard the lack in the low down grunt,so maby the 750 is the best choice

i ride the gsxr 1000 k8 great bike love it if you want a bike that you can sit in 6th gear pull her back and still goooooo then grab the 1000 if your not such a lazy rider then go for the 750 same bike really for the likes of most mere mortals but you have to work the gear box a lot harder.

oooow totally forget the 600 far to slow and even with a lot of work 750’s and 1000’s will fly past you on any straight :slight_smile:

Depends on the rider…Was at a track day a few years ago, watching a few mates on litres and there was a guy on the then new shape R6.

He knew how to make use of the bike’s high cornering speed so that he was carrying more speed on to the straight and no one got passed him. I hear the R6 is good for 170 MPH so it’s not slow.

Totally agree with you on the rider part however screaming an r6 to 170 will not only take what seems like hours but after a few times of doing that BANG goes your little engine lol plus the 120-160 range on a thousand is almost twice as quick id always say the 750 is the best all round bike but the egotistical cave men in us makes us always go for the “ive got a 170bhp 1000cc” choice lol

LOL :smiley:

I think a litre makes a better road bike than any of the others, but that’s me and I’m not light on my feet :smiley:

gsxr 750

for those who cant deside :slight_smile: