GSXR 600 K6 cutting out at idle - goes rum rum rum then poop

Hi Guys,

Not sure what to make of it but I’ve started getting problems with the GSXR.

Towards the end of my commute my engine gets really hot when sitting at the lights 220f+ (104c), the fans switch on but then I see the engine light flashing and the bike stops running. Just before the engine cuts out I can feel the bike struggling to stay idle and the only way to keep it from stopping is to keep the revs up.

When it does cut out I can just start it again without a problem but again have to keep the revs up…hmmm

Any idea what it could be?


cor, could be a few things if it’s temperature based. what’s your maintanence like? when did you last change the oil and coolant?

I change the oil, plugs, filter every 4k miles. Coolant I haven’t changed so maybe it could be that but reading the GSXR forums it seems 220-230 is “normal” operating temperature when sitting at the lights.

I’ve just hit 23k miles so maybe it needs a valve clearance? I just want to have a better guess on what it is before I start spending the cheddar.

Are you sure it’s temp related? Feels like a hight end of normal temp

I have a GSR 600 that started out cutting out rarely, after 2 years it’s now almost every time I come to a stop. Symptoms sound very similar to yours and given we have virtually the same engine, this gets me thinking.

Apparently the TPS sensor on GSRs and GSXRs (same part) is known for fucking up, and can cause this issue. I was advised to change mine but because I got so used to the problem I kept on letting it happen and couldn’t bring myself to spend the £85 on the little sensor…

Not sure this is the same on your bike but just throwing it out there…

Hmm sounds very similar and could very well be the same issue.

Your situation is exactly the same as mine where you mentioned that it rarely happened and then suddenly its all the time.

Ill take a little read up on the TPS sensor and see if there is a way of fixing it. Its bloody annoying having it cut out at idle, once it cut out just as I was about the take off and almost caused me to drop the thing.

A few other symptoms as it got worse…

A couple of time it cut out after the fast idle finished when I started the bike to warm up…

Usually ok when I thrash the bike and then come to a stop. More common during town/city commuting. sometimes I can stop it by a few sudden twists of the throttle before coming to a stop…

Sometimes no matter how much I try to keep revs up, unless I do it consistently a few quick blips won’t do it.

AFAIK, I was told it’s best to replace the sensor…

I’d be tempted to check the charging system. If the problem occurs when the fan kicks in, or shortly after its possibly drawing more power than the bike can provide, diverting electrickery from your ignition system. Stator, reg, battery check :wink:

Had this exact problem!

My GSXR K7 would cut out at idle when the fan kicked in. Scorch and I tested the charging etc. and all was good.

Then realised that it was due an idle check. Changed the idle to 1200 and all is good, hasnt cut out since. It was idleing at 500-700 before which was way too low.

Could be that?!

Took a video, looks like its idling fine :frowning:

no your cutting out sounds a lot more sudden than mine…

<— Boom there it is. Love ya Scorch :kiss::kiss::kiss:At idle the voltage was at 14AWhen the fan kicks in the voltage dropped a whopping 3A to 11AAdjusted the idle from 1000revs to roughly 1400revs and the voltage is now constant at 14A even when the fan kicks in.Sounds like there is an issue with the reg but I’ve read that the idle should be around 1300 +/- 100 so it could be due to me never adjusting it when doing the servicing.

Anyhoo I hope this helps anyone else that searches for this problem

Hold on!!! where is my love too?

Did i not say idle without the gaffafel? :wink: