GSXR 1000 Exhaust Valve ECU mod??

Does anyone know the ECU wiring mod in order to disable F1 fault on a K9 gsxr1000 ??
I’m ripping out the EXVA valve and want to stop the fault appearing. Which connector pin number/s are shorted / looped or cut?

I’ve seen on youtube etc various mods for different variants of GSXR but want to make sure they are the same for a UK K9 model as I believe some models may be different, especially U.S. bikes.

Anyone done this mod before??

Tips appreciated.

Thank you.

I have the details for a K6 model but no idea if its same on the K9

If you could let me know what the K6 mod is and I can look to see if it has any bearing on the K9. Wire nuimbers / colours etc.


Can’t you just leave it connected but removed from the exhaust?

According to THIS Akrapovic full system install, they recommend to keep it connected.

Yeah I guess I could just leave the cables tied up somewhere.
Just really wanted to take the whole shooting match out as the lower end mechanism gets all cruddy and is prone to fail.

they also supply you something to stop the motor spinning round out of control.

that is to stop the system having a fit and bringing the FI light on.

just remove the motor and remove (do not cut) the wire from the ECU. all suzuki dealers were issued a pin out locater for removing this wire by the factory.

sent you a mail with a pdf file attached - hope its of use:D

Thanks Bazacasa.

I’ve not received mail yet, but will keep checking. hope it hasn’t go stuck somewhere.