GSX-R 750 vs Triumph 657

Just took a 675 out for a second test ride and I’m 90% sure I’m going to order one.

I’ve just still got a slight temptation with the susuki…

They (Metropolis) wouldn’t let me take a GSX out for a ride but I sat on one in the shop. The pegs felt higher but the position overall felt more relaxed than the Triumph.

Anyone ridden the two back to back? I’ve got a couple of trips planned for the summer and I’m thinking the GSX might be better for the longer runs…

I’ve owned two 750’s (Y+K4) and ridden Foxy’s K7, and ridden Andrew’s D675 on-track.

They’re all amazing bikes, and the 750 is a tried and tested do-it-all bike. I would have another at the crack of a whip, but I tell you, the 675 was the most amazing bike I’ve ever ridden on track. I loved it so much I didn’t want to come back in to the pits to give Andrew his bike back! I don’t know what it’s like on the road, but based on that single experience alone, I would LOVE to have a 675.

They’re also more exotic compared to the 750, and British, which has got to be worth something. They’re expensive to buy and maintain though compared to the 750, but by how much I’m not exactly sure as we all look after our bikes in different ways.

Both cracking bikes, but the 675 just seems more desirable to me.

I wouldn’t buy from a shop that wouldn’t offer me a test ride, especially since they let you ride the 675. I’d probably go for the Triumph as it’s a little different and as Jay and many others have said it’s an amazing bike. Again the GSXR 750 is amazing also. I think you’ll be really happy with either.

GET THE DAYTONA. SIMPLE AS THAT!!! and give us a go on here to tide me over til i buy one

I did love riding the triumph, it was just so much lighter (both the bike and the throttle) than my fz6, and that engine and the (stock) sound is fantastic :slight_smile:

I got a shock when the front came up as I left the lights, but all very smooth and stable.

I’m just wondering how I’ll feel after riding it to the Pyrenees in the summer, though I know it will be perfect for when I get there…

600 pounds of accessories for free too (alarm + some carbon i think…).

I ride a 675 and I am over 6ft… I did up to 600miles days and always came out refreshed and without any problems. Yes the track position is very old fashion with the bump up and so forth but with a double bubble you do not have to take such a position under 110mph…
Buy the 675 but do not tell anyone or they will become as commun as a jap… However, do not forget to give her oil on regular (2000 miles or so) basis…

Good info. Thanks.

One thing that erks me about a Suzuki is that they are so godam common! I am going to try a 675 to see what they are like.

The 750 is so reliable and has a very comfortable riding position for touring, i did have to change to a gel seat though.

You really need to try the 750 out and then you`ll have a much better idea which way to go.

Ill be out on Sammos 675 at Donington in a few weeks to get the susupension set up, i`ll see how it compares to my 750.

I dunno if it is because I am 6’2" but I didn’t find it comfortable, but I think the K6 is better then the K5.

Own a 675 and I can attest to it’s comfort over long distances. I did over 600 miles in one day last year on it and had only minor discomfort. Get a double screen however as the stock one is pretty useless. Great bike in all respects, gets loads of attention and has a great engine (much better than the old D600 which I also used to own). I’m 6’1" incidently.

The Gixxer is probably more practical however, the D675 can be a bit twitchy and trying to carry much on it is a struggle (I own a Sprint RS for more practical stuff).

If you do buy one enjoy.

I will only be doing 1 or 2 longish trips (France/Spain) a year and I’m not looking for a tourer so it sounds like I should be OK on the triumph.

That’s two recommendations for a double bubble (though having spent the last two years on a naked FZ6 I’m OK to cruise at 90 with no fairing).

I’m now at 98% certainty I’ll be ordering a black 675 on Saturday :slight_smile:

I’ve had my 675 for about a month now and raced it once. It has lots more torque and power than a 600. My previous bike was a 600RR. I think you will find the triple more of an interesting ride myself depending on what your currently used to? I know for a fact the Gsxr750 is also a fantastic bike but I have never ridden one.

The motor has the torque to be a good road bike i would think although other than a quick trip around the block and village i haven’t really ridden mine on the road!

Far as on track goes:

I found my 675 very nervous and twitchy on the track in standard road bike trim at Croft, but this was pushing it hard and not anything like at road riding speed. This problem was cured straight away with better suspension settings and an Arrow steering damper when i got to Mallory Park. Personally i hated the stock footpegs and found when i had my knee down my foot was struggling to not slide off. As said with the stock screen as well - you can hardly see through that thing! Triumph do a dubble bubble which i have on mine and it’s a major improvement. The most incredible thing to me abotu the bike other than the torque is the brakes. I had a 600RR 05 before so i am used to radials with peformance friction race pads which are 70 quid a set or more. The triumph with stock pads had me doing stoppies going into turns!!! I experienced no fade either when racing and it’s all on stock fluid and pads out of the factory. They really are World class brakes. Front forks are not to bad standard either. Rear shock is very good for a standard unit but I believe the rear spring is actually to hard unless you weigh about 15 stone. It feels very nible and it does turn in very quick as soon as you set the bike up better. I have even found it to be better on rear tires than a 600 to so far.

Other than that the bike is awesome and I only told you the bad things mainly and that really is it. The 675 is incredible for what it is. And as said about people looking at you. I have a crowd around my bike at race meetings because people think it’s an MV or a Ducati!!! Go British

Thanks for the info.

I noticed on the test ride the attention the bike gets, every time I pulled up at lights I could see people looking. Might be something to do with how it sounds too :slight_smile:

Did the deed, ordered the triumph this morning :slight_smile:

i pick it up on saturday :slight_smile:

ps, i am currenty in the middle of the solent… Aint tech great?