GSR600 11.8sec at the Pod

I did it!! I finally got the Gisser into the 11’s today. Not bad for a detuned 600 :smiley:

Why are you using the clutch to up shift wasting loads off time :slight_smile:

Nice one but at those revs clutchless shift all the way

cool. will try that next time :smiley:

I’m going to fit the screen as well to help with the drag and maybe, just maybe I’ll get a 11.5 :slight_smile:

That would be all I’d get outta it I think…:wink:

cool! agree with clutchless shifts.

nice one jamie,do you think if you took them mirros off you would have knocked a half a second off your time:Dwhat was the time on the 200plus b king mate;)

the super charged King only ran low 10’s. the “stock” kings with good riders ran high 10’s.

There were also slower King riders which I beat… twice…:D:D:D

:w00t: cheaky git :D:P

I’ll try it anyway :D:D:D:D

good thing his ears where inside the helmet as well! :smiley:

R1 Alex runs 10.8 on his normal bike

ill cane u up jaime hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

ooi!! Ur also a cheeky git. the truth does hurt though :P:hehe:

bring it on b!tch. you don’t stand a chance!! HA :cool: