Grumpy rant

Ok so in the past 7 days i have;

had shoulder surgery, got infected was admitted to hospital for an additional 3 days.

Had my pushbike stolen from outside my house

had my car broken into and had my guitar amp (which i was going to take to get repaired) stolen. I am turely grumpy and frustrated as hell. I cant ride the bike at the moment as the houlder is too weak, and due to the stupid amount of money have to spend on excess for things replacing stuff etc, plus the fact that it was a little tight anyway, the bike is going to have to be sold off to balance the books.

SO if anyone knows the fella in a black sabb 900 K reg in or near east dulwich, let him know i will be fighting fit in 7-10 days and I WILL find him.

ok rant over.

thought I was having bad week, I will keep an eye out for the saab though.

j’sus dude, sounds absolutely shite. Ill stop bitchin about my week. Hope it gets sorted out.

keep your chin up mate,been there but it will pan out in the end,things can only get better,hope the shoulder gets better

may be a dumb question but what did the Saab guy do?

Thought I was having a bad week too !

My rant I’ll keep to itself but involves a bad back, the dentist, some **** scratching my bike and not owning up to it, mates gtting swine flu and me begining to flap as I now have a sore head and starting to get a sore throat !

Still, not as bad as the OP though !

Keep the chin up mate.

I reckon I’d wanna find the fella in the black sabb if my houlder hurt and I was turely grumpy :Whistling:

So he’s not actually guilty, he’s just some Barsteward in a Black Saab that we all want to have words with eh… pity the poor git when we find him, I’ve got some serious issues to get off my chest… :slight_smile:

Don’t mean to highjack the post, but Trojan, your shiny new bike is scratched?

Also OP, sorry to hear what a shite week you’ve been having.

Yep shiny new bike has been hit by something - scratches all down the right exhaust, some should come out but part of the scratch is mega deep and won’t. As you can imagine, I had a bit of a tantrum when I discovered it !

Sorry to hear about the car and amp getting nicked, let me know if you fancy a quick jam one day as you don’t live too far from me (Thornton Heath).I’ve got a small guitar amp I’m thinking of selling soon, a Line 6 Spider 3 15 watt guitar amp, good for indoors+recording but not powerful for actual gigs. I’ve upgraded to the 30 watt version.

I could bring it with me if you want and you could then try it out if you fancy it.