Grrrrrrrrrrrrr Rain for Wednesday!

Just seen the forecast and not happy gonna rain tomorrow for the meet! I need to pick up bits from Jay and Sam as well! So much for summer huff!

Localised torential thunderstorms too, so could be anywhere at any time. Also means we could escape entirely so fingers crossed.

Watch out for those electrics though if the sky does open up.

I remember a few years back when I was scootering I got caught in a thunderstorm - indicators, rev counter, and speedo all stopped working

There was a picture somewhere of a crashed bike over in the states, it got hit by lightning and it killed the rider. It was that fierce a hit that it made a pothole in the road.

Not looking forward to torrential rain myself, hopefully I can avoid it. Got to get to Brands tomorrow evening to collect something from B as well as pack my caravan for the weekend. hopefully I shall stay dry.

it will cool u down what u moaning about …lol

Raining now, my plants must be loving it!!

duno about wednesday, its looking likely for today…

hammering it down right now !!!

I like rain. I find it romantic

Its Raining at Blackfriars, not hammering down yet


Its Raining at Blackfriars, not hammering down yet


Home and its lashing it …

Its steaming at around 31 degrees in Manchester where I am.

Everyone here stripped to bare minimum

Terry your bike wont melt in the rain!!!

But you were at the Ace last night? That 125 must move quicker than I thought

Tel, there is that much chain lube all over that bike the rain will run off it like it would off a duck’s back (or teddy-boy’s oily barnet).

if it rains i shall come on my gay vespa, thats waht ginger calls it, cheeky sod

i hope it holds off!

Are you racing this weekend Chuffster?

Where’s the meet?

Look in racing section dude its all there

whats up with you guys? It will not rain. it will be warm.

I have decreed that the sun shall shine.

hark at Michael Fish!! you gonna tell me what my day is gona be like?

since you ask, no prob.

your day will be like shite, it will be one of those days where you wish had stayed at home and said f##k em all because now they are f##k you over.

But then when you get on yer bike to go to Cubana the sun will shine the lights wil be green, and peace will be restored.

Have a nice day