Grrrr - car dealer workshops

:angry: Sometimes I really question why I bother with a new car with a warranty. Went in to the dealer a couple of weeks ago as my anti-roll bar bushes have gone on my 9 month old car. No problem they said, bring it in early on Sat 8th and we’ll fix that under warranty. So I haul myself out of bed this morning, totally wrecked through a lack of sleep this week, drive to the garage, only to get a phone call an hour later to say that my anti-roll bar bushes need replaced and when would I like to book the car in for this to be done. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Could have bloody replaced them both in that time myself. Mental note to self… sell car this summer and buy one that’s older and out of warranty :wink:

I know just how you feel.

Took me three visits to convince the supplying dealer that my wife’s brand new car had two oil leaks. One from the diff. and one from the clutch master cylinder where it passes through the gearbox housing.

Eventualy got them to park it up over night in the workshop with a clean sheet of white card I’d taken with me under it. Got a phone call from the workshop manager the next morning to tell me “It’s got … We need to order in some parts, can you bring the car back next week”

“No. I’ll hang on to your courtesy car. Just phone me when you’ve fixed it!”

Got a call from the garage M.D. later that morning telling me I was being unreasonable.