Ground anchors

Now that my hornet is gone and I hope to get another bike, preferably something newer and with a bit of fairing, I was thinking about security.
MachineMart (on my way home) have large ground anchors but they dont need cemented into place. I have had a look at bike specific ones and they also just need to be bolted into the ground or onto a wall.
Does anyone know if thats good enough or can someone recommend one please?

try almax they have a hardie ground anchor

Some of them use expanding bolts which then have a tamper proof head on them or a ball bearing hammered into the top to prevent them being undone. The M10 expanding bolts when tightened up in concrete will easily take 2 tonnes or so each so four of them should do the trick :stuck_out_tongue: Just make sure they can’t be undone.

There is a cement glue which can be added for extra strength and to stop them being undone but not sure if it’s really necesssary, probably easier to break the padlock than the ground anchor.

There are several that can be cemented in place but looks like the main benefit is to get them below road level so there’s nothing to trip over.

There’s a chap on here who supplies and fits them, try search on ground anchors and fitting.

www.yanchor.comthats wot ya want.

Read the latest issue of “Ride” magazine.

The weakness of ground anchors is not the anchor point, it’s the link between the anchor and the bike.

As a “building professional”, I can point you in the direction of loads of building fastenings that are almost imoveable without hours of noisy works.

Not worth doing. They will attack the chain or the padlock.

If you find anything to beat a determined professional thief, slap a patent on it.

Claymore anti personnel mine?

I saw that - it was shocking. The highest-scoring lock managed only 9/30 - and none received a ‘Recommended’ or ‘Best buy’ triangle.

The verdict really tore some strips off the manufacturers, too. Let’s hope they take it on board for next year’s round-up.

Ground anchors are good to a point, the theiving [email protected] can use the concreate floor to smash your lock/chain with a sledge hammer or use it to push against with bolt croppers. The best way to chain up a bike is so the chain is completly off the ground eg to a rail or anchor bolted to a wall - failing that have the chain as short as possible preferably under the bike. IMO any way!

Almax all the way :wink:

They’ll help you with anchor advice too :cool:

Almax products not tested by “Ride”, so no comment on that.

Keeping the chain short, tight and off the ground adds a lot of extra protection for zero cost. If you have good brick wall, fit the “ground” anchor to that at about hub height.

Again, I can offer advice on what works/don’t work on fixings to building structures. All for free, but without warranty.

Again, nothing will stop the determined or professional bike thief.

It’s worth adding that if you do get a ground anchor, or any sort of security, and you use it to lower your insurance premium, you HAVE to use it/them every time the bike is parked at your residence otherwise you could end up in an argument over your claim or at worst, uninsured.

If you do go for a ground anchor, consider the amount of damage that could be caused if a thief does decide to take a sledge hammer to it. I’ve seen ones put in walls and the entire wall has been pulled down to get to the anchor. At least with a floor anchor you can reconcrete at relatively low cost as NOTHING will stop the real professional thieving b*stards.

I wonder why Ride decided to exclude the best chain ? Very odd. Maybe commercial pressure froim the likes of Oxford ? :wink:

I use a Y anchor - the best type of anchor i reckon, set into a massive block of concrete with a massive almax chain, jobs a good’un :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Motrax ground anchor, that goes quite deep into the ground and pulls up. Oh and it’s nicely secured in about 1/2 ton of concrete.

But! The only reason I bought it was because it can be put away flush with the ground when not in use. The fact that it is concreted in is a bit pointless.

No thief would try and dig up a ground anchor, especially when they’d still need to cut the chain to get the bike. Have a look on youtube and see how easy it is to get through a chain with boltcutters. The chain needs to be one that claims to be un-croppable. And the the lock need to be a decent one, with none of the shackle showing. At the end of the day, and angle grinder will get through pretty much anything…

Ok forgive what may be a stupid question-

So you’ve got the best ground anchor in the world, concreted into the floor with the bolts filed down so they can’t be got at, but what part of your bike do you secure it to??

Through the back wheel seems to be the usual way but surely at that point they just remove the back wheel which isn’t a particularly hard job and not that noisy either? They carry your bike into the back of a van as the professionals do anyway and you’re left with a wheel chained down. Better than nothing but still no bike?

I’ve been considering a ground anchor for some time as I have the perfect wall on the front of my house to bolt it to, but without 2 or 3 of them through each wheel and the frame (seriously 3 big chains every time you get your bike out) this isn’t really the weak point?

I put my chain through the back wheel and loop it through the swing arm aswell

The only worthwhile thing to loop the chain through is the frame. They aint going to cut that. Or are they?

A lot of the scum bags are steeling to break, so what do they care.

Whatever you do, you’re only going to put off the casual and semi professional.

Depressing aint it?