Ground Anchor

Evans wanted £110. Halfords was £60+. Bike shop - £60.

Argos (an Oxford one) - £15. Bargain.

When it comes to security, cheap doesn’t mean secure. Make sure it’s up to the job fella. Many can be ripped out easily enough.

But any security device is better than none … If it looks difficult to steal, the theives will generally find an easier target.

Exactly, which is why security companies were targeted in one of my efforts, aimed at getting LBs a good deal:

Ive got an Oxford Ground anchor for sale if anyone wants it???

£25 notes its yours - was £55 new :slight_smile:

Do you still have the bike that was anchored to it? :w00t:

yeah but ill hack saw it off for a small fee :smiley:

What’s the deal?

These are the Don of ground anchors IMO, nearly had the council pay for one to be installed where I live!

We get 10% off.

Well done :slight_smile:

I’ll consider one.

Yanchor: £49.99 - LB discount of 10% = £44.99 + £5.99P&P (UK) = £50.98 delivered :smiley: