Ground Anchor

Does anybody fancy helping me install a ground anchor some time in the near future? They’ll be beers in it for you or several teas at BM. I don’t have a drill though so that would be required. Please apply within:)

Where do you live.

Kilburn NW6 got no bike at the moment though john so no point trying to nick it:P

I’ve just installed my ground anchor at my new place. It was a mission as i had to drill through concrete kerbstones and whack the things in with a hammer when i’d finished.
I have a hammer drill and a 15mm drill bit which would do the job (i think) you’ll have to pick them up though as Im in Croydon.
Good luck whatever you decide:)

cheers i may take you up on that soon. I called anchor-man and he wanted £170ish for a ground hog 3 and all the install stuff. looks like i’ll have to get over my fear of tools…:hehe:

I know Anchor Man and he is a good guy, and will definitely do an excellent job.

i’m sure he is but i’m not going to pay anyone £170 for drilling for holes.:wink:

I’ll drill’em for £50!

how about £20 a 4 pack of beer?:slight_smile:

Does that include the lock??

If not…Approx. £60 for the GH3 and £110 for fitting…:w00t:

From my experience, you need a powerful Hammer drill to be sure to get through the toughest concrete, but it really is a doddle. You usually get a template in the pack to mark the drilling points on the ground and fitting takes a couple of minutes. (I did mine in about 10…when I had the right drill;))

yup that was including the GH3

Don’t forget this chap will probably use a cement glue to fill the holes as well as expanding bolts etc, the drill bits wear out pretty quickly and aren’t cheap, he’ll arrive in a van, possibly paying congestion charge, 30% more on fuel for the last few months, he’s got to buy and maintain and replace his van and kit, he’s then got to make a profit on it to pay his mortgage and buy his food, in London I’d say £110 isn’t bad.

The job will take him at least an hour - I challenge anybody to meet the customer, set up an SDS drill with bit, mark the ground, drill the holes, bolt the thing down and clear up and reload his van in less than an hour.

Even if you could do it for less, would you want to ? :ermm:

friend of mine sent me the link to here

i run anchor-man

if anyone has the tools and skills to fit an anchor then it is always a good investment

but just so people know a few facts that may help

!) groundhog 3 supplied and fitted is at a price starting from £120, not £170, i am guessing i was misheard when i gave the price (prices are stated as “start from” as on numerous occasions i have turned up to a property to find the ground is unsuitable for fixing, at that point more works must be done, for example, ground works to create a secure anchoring point)

2)the bolts they supply to fix the anchors arnt worth the box they come in, which is strange as the anchors themself are brillinat bits of kit, i always exchange the bolts for top quality concrete fixings, they are twice as long as the ones supplied, and the fixing itself is a much better design

3)yes, that anchor is not only bolted down, but also chemical fixed, which is a extra strong building adhesive (and before you ask, i am not talking about the kind of adhesive you stick on skirtings with, chemical fix is used when fixing solid steel gurders to a wall) so is about as strong as can be and as hard as stone when set

  1. special power tools are needed, a bog standard drill will not drill a sufficient hole, if it can, then the surface you are going into generaly isn’t suitable for an anchoring point, i only use SDS power tools and drill bits (ure average DIY’er wont own these type of tools as they usually cost a few hundred pounds each)

all in all, if you accept the anchor is £60

the bolts are £10 for 4, 6 bolts are needed

then i do not make £110 per job,

and even tho yes, i obviously do get trade on a lot of the bits i buy, when you take out wear and tear on tools and van, diesel, etc etc, the profit made is actually quite small

the reason i do this job still is quite simple, i love bikes and enjoy doing this as i get to meet and chat to other bikers, if i wernt a biker myself, i wouldn’t do the job as the profits made only become noticeable with multiple fittings at one location

if you would like to see what i offer then please feel free to look at the site at

(please note the site is currently being updated so please check regularly for prices, new items and services)

just to reply before people jump on a band wagon and blow this out of proportion. i was in no way trying to put a bad view on your name or the service that you provide. i have heard many great things about you and what you do. i was mearly saying that for the price i would rather try and find another way of getting my security situation sorted on my own. yes i am aware that you use all the proper tools and have to also cover your own costs it only makes sense. if i have offended you in anyway i can only offer my apologies this thread wasn’t started with the intent of putting you down but mearly to get a hand from some mates.

no offence taken, and didnt mean to give the impression that it was

i was just stating a few facts so that people could see why i charge what i charge, and how much work goes into each job, etc, and pointing out what the actual price was

it is every ones choice to attempt any job themself if they wish, i am just here for those that dont have the tools or time requied