Ground anchor recommendations

Does anyone have any recommendations for a ground anchor? I need something that will fit the Almax Immobiliser 4 and be on par in terms of security so that it doesn’t become the weakest link! I was looking at the Torc anchor but wasn’t sure how easy it is to remove those bolt down anchors… I’m not sure how feasible it would be to sink an anchor into the ground though. Any feedback would be appreciated as I’m quite clueless about this.

If you know anyone who has the tools and would be able to install the anchor for me, let me know. Thanks!

Almax bundles it with a Hardie Gorund Anchor…

Mmmm what’s a gorund anchor :hehe:

A security product closely related to a ground anchor, which is obviously fixed to gorund…

I spent last Sunday pouring concrete and setting two ground anchors last week after some extensive research. The mammoth “Concrete-In” and a bolt down.

I kinda wish I’d gone for a Y anchor now though. They look hot, but through it might be beyond my limp-wristed advertising skillset. Having set the other two I realise how straight forward it is now, but I’m not allowed to dig any more of the driveway up. Apparently.

:smiley: got it. can I get a gorund at B&Q? :laugh:

I got the Hardie with an Almax and it seems good.
TBH, with the Almax chains, it’s most important to check that the chain goes through as a lot of anchors are too small.

TBH. In terms of security, I don’t think it matters that much. If they want your bike, they’ll cut the Almax easily before removing the anchor (I’d say it’s pretty much impossible to remove the anchor with the chain in place, unless you have heavy machinery.

See this thread, I had the exact same question… Went for the PJB one in the end… it’s pretty solid and descreet as it’s dug into the floor. Had to get someone with proper equipment to fit it but worth it.

to get it into the ground you need to use a circular saw cutter thing type of machinery (the one firemen use to cut people out of cars). Cut a hole in the ground big enough, then place the anchor in, make sure you cover the holes (the base of the hole basically) with loose gravel to allow water to flow out and then fill with concrete and let to set. There used to be a ground anchor man that did it all for you for a very good price… I think this was his profile

TBH if it’s outside, it’ll inadvertedly get water in the anchor but should drain fast enough… but if you are in a hurry can always drag the chain back and forwards through the anchor (kinda like drying your ass with a towel movement :P) and it’ll clear in no time!

I like it because it means you never trip up over it, my brother can park the car without worrying about driving over it and it’s very discreet!

What’s the ground made up of in the area you’ll be fitting it? if the ground is already concrete then busting it out and recasting is a ball ache.

Some bolt down anchors have a ‘double skin’ so the bolts are covered or have them in a place that’s covered by the chain when it’s in…Otherwise fill the ends of the allen key hole with ball bearings/epoxy/dog **** or buy one way security bolts.

This one looks pretty good - - bolts are under the chain, ball bearings to go in the allen key heads and then hammer in plugs to hide the whole lot. Guess the pivot would be the potential weak link but I haven’t seen one in the flesh to comment on it

Just looking at getting one of these too. I was planning to just drill holes in existing concrete and bolt it down mind. Is that much of a compromise compared to digging a big hole and setting one in fresh concrete?

Tossing up between the Almax Hardie and the Pragmasis Torc thing. What do you reckon? I’ve read the Torc one is supplied with capsules of stuff to pop in bolt holes to bond bolts on concrete, sounds pretty decent… No idea if the Hardie has the same, not much info on it on their site.

The picture on the almax website shows expanding bolts - just knock 'em in and tighten 'em up.

I bought and installed one like this -, it was cheap and indestructible because it was set in concrete.

This type of anchor (‘Y anchor’ is a protected name, I believe; it is the same style, just cheaper) sits flush with the ground so is very unobtrusive, just be sure to give it sufficient drainage space.

With them Y-anchors, is it at all fiddly threading the chain through them? Or is it wide enough to fit your hand in and pull the chain through?

I didn’t find it particularly fiddly, but to help, I put a cable tie on the last link of the chain so I could get it a little easier.
The company I bought the acnhor from made two sizes, just make sure you buy the right one that fits your chain.

IMO you can’t go far wrong with something that is essentially a hole in the ground - there is nothing thieves can do to ‘remove’ it or cut it like other anchors. It is one less aspect of security that you need to worry about :slight_smile:

On the PJB one I bought there was room to put my hand through to the mid point to pull it through but even if I didn’t just pushing the chain would get it through.

Not fiddly and tbh the chain would stay there most of the time, no?

Sorry for late reply. I believe the surface is made of tarmac. The whole building etc is run by an estate management company and they were OK with me putting down an anchor but not sure how they would feel if I started digging things up and putting in a Y anchor. How feasible/easy is it to dig up tarmac and put some similar surface back down? Would it be easiest to sink it in cement?

Hardie seems to only have one bolt. Is more bolts a false sense of security? Thinking about the Torc as well. Either that or the Taurus (that seems to take 19mm chains).

the guy that did it for me was pretty easy to cut the hole pefectly square with this massive circular saw he had :slight_smile:

What we did is put down concrete and then the top bit you can tweak the colour to match the tarmac more closely… it won’t be 100% match but it won’t look too odd. The management company had no problems with it, though where I live that flat is owned by us so the parking space is also deemed our property as all tenants have share of freehold.

Awesome! Thanks for the advices! Just gonna check with the estate manager and will give anchor-man a call next week when I order the goodies :smiley:

You wont get enough grip for a ground anchor in tarmac, it needs to be concrete. Maybe the tarmac has been laid over concrete and a longer bolt will do. If all else fails maybe you can create a concrete lump with an anchor and use that.

Just to re-iterate, I did not use anchor man as mine needed doing waay outside of London and I didn’t think Cheltenham fell within his remit. His advice may be different so I would contact him before ordering anything :wink: