GRMoto Carbon Exhaust for BMW R1250 GS Fitted

Fed up with the overly-constrained stock exhaust sound, a couple of weeks ago I took the plunge on an after-market exhaust from a company I’ve not heard of before - GRMoto. Couple of hundred quid seemed pretty damn reasonable in 2023, but in the back of my head I was expecting quality issues. I needn’t have worried.

The short of it is, I’m loving it. You can really hear the nature of the engine now, with most satisfying overrun noises when decelerating. Also some nice sharp sounds on upshift when under power.

The true test was yesterday when we went on our first long ride, where we’d be riding as a couple and riding for a good number of hours. No worries, it wasn’t too loud, for both me and for Claire on her bike (an issue we’ve had before with the Racefit on the Superduke) though we made an effort to stay off motorways.

We did one motorway type slog for a couple of miles and it did drone on a bit. I think for touring or extended motorway use I would fit the baffle back in, but it’s totally fine for all other rides.

Quality wise, it’s good. No issues so far, though of course it’s still very new.

Here’s a comparison of stock/baffle-in and baffle-out sounds.


Looks and sounds good, need to have a look see if they do one for my Explorer

You need to get yourself a switchable exhaust valve eliminator