Grit on road

Just a warning about a rather substantial amount of grit/aggregate that has been deposited on the entrance to the roundabout under the Watford arches. Its pretty bad and I darsay in a few more hours it’ll be all around the roundabout and could quite easily cause damage to your bike or worse have you off.

yep, going to be gritters all over London tonight, gonna be a cold one

that’s funny only supposed to get down to 3 degrees with minimal wind dosen’t really sound like they’d get the gritters out for that;)

I think the clue might be in the word “aggregate”

How did you know there were two drops? :Whistling:

Yes grit was the wrong word to use…more like small stones :wink: can only assume its come of a lorry supplying materials for the road they are resurfacing up the way.

That junction’s bad enough at the best of times :wink: