Hi All

Just moved back to London after spending 6 years in sunny Cyprus; its good to be back (especially with the nice summer we’ve had) :wink:

Bought a Yamaha FZS600 a few weeks ago, for commuting and a little leisure - my first bike in the UK. Been cool filtering through the endless London traffic; I’d forgotten how many people live in this city.

Looking to meet up with some fellow bikers for a chat and some rides, will be taking a trip down to Borough Market tomorrow to see if any of you are down there. Will be good to meet up with you all.

Living in Sidcup, Kent - any of you down these ways?

Welcome to LB :smiley:

We have a fair few members Kent way but i’m not one of them however I am going to Brugge as you know :wink:

See you at Borough plus dont forget Newbie Nite on October 1st from 6pm at the Ace cafe :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:


well howdy! and welcome, get yaself down to bm tommorrow eve! the fun starts from 6pm!:D, yes theres plenty coming up, Brugge 30th sept, newbie nite 1st Oct etc… ooh sorry just seen grim has already told ya!:smiley:

Welcome Ska1970, You are just up/down the road from us:) we are in Wilmington.

Hope you can make the Brugge trip, see you at BM:)

Hi and welcome aboard.

hi and welcome