greetings from Newbie

hello to all

I ride a blackbird and an xt660 not at the same time

hate the cold

hate inheritance tax

hate ignorance

love life

Welcome to LB :wink:

Nice choice of bikes… welcome! We have a newbie night on monday at the ace cafe from 6.30pm onwards…:slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

thanks 4 invite

I will try 2 pop down

hi there and welcome to LB

welcome to the gang:)

me & some other supermoto guy’s are out some sunday mornings

breakfast run, around essex area:D there may be a bit of motardary action hap’nin dis weekend

Welcome to LB…:slight_smile:

a lady at last

nice to see on the road

and should be more

Welcome to LB…

You might be surprised but there’s a high number of girlys here (I wont say ladies lol).


nice to know

will have to come say hi

Nice bike…hows the licence…lol…:stuck_out_tongue:

I darent get outa 1st gear

Your humor cracks me up…is that because of the disrespect that particular beasty bike has for the human or because the plod have their antenna eyes…with stealth…waiting…waiting…just for you to engage their blue lights for stepping across the 200mph threshold!!!

Hello & Wecome, enjoy the ride