Greetings dudes/Dudettes

Hello all… new to the forum, met a few of you’s at Boro Market last nite… Think battered old Gixxer that’s seen better days… bit like me!!


Hello and welcome to LB:D

False…Bm is a good midweek meetup and a chance for us country folk to stare at the antics of the drunken office workers:D jeeez i am easily pleased:P

Semi-true Moto mate… That was definitely Kangaroo juice! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers Broady

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile: Don’t think we met last night at BMM maybe next time :slight_smile:

Welcome:D not been there yet, will be at ACE NEWBEE night monday, :smiley:

will get to BM one night:D,

Ride safe


Yep… I left there after a quick drink last night but will stick around next time… Hoping to be at the TT next week…

Can’t bloody wait!! :w00t:

Hiya 750.

I was there last night… then I left… then came back…then left again :smiley:

forgot my bag and only realised when I got to North London :pinch: fookin ijit

Welcome :slight_smile:

loving the avatar!!! Hey there and welcome :smiley:

Ello and welcome :smiley:

Hi Jaime, captain, Alice and Miss Plum… Alice: Thanks… that place actually exists up in the Lake District… I had to!


Anyone going to the TT???

welcome matey to the forum!

Welcome M8 To LB

Welcome to LB:)

Respect to you.

Never been to this BM someone told me its just a lot of standing about drink badger juice?? True or False?