Green XSR700 Stolen from Greenwich, London

Hey all,

First post here - trying to spread the news on the off-chance this is found. 

My XSR700 was taken off of my drive (Greenwich, London) last night - usual story, they cut the chain and left the pieces. Must have gotten past my alarm and immobiliser.

Anyway, it’s been reported to the police and insurance - I don’t have high hopes, but please keep an eye out for a forest green XSR700, RV17 XZX. It’s got some noticeable mods:

  • Akrapovic exhaust
  • Pirelli Diablo Rossi III rear tyre
  • Green anodised touring footpegs
  • Short gunmetal & green levers
  • Silver front number-plate
  • Aftermarket aluminium front mud-guard
  • Aluminium side-panels
  • Bar-end caps
  • Go-Pro mount on brake fluid box
  • TomTom RAM mount on handlebars
  • Tank pads
  • Bar-end mirrors (silver)

Speedo will read ~9,900 miles. I took this baby all over Europe back in easter so I’m gutted to see her gone

Pictures here:

ah dude! that seriously sucks.

Have a look around the area, all the housing estates parking areas woods parks etc.

Don’t want to give false hope but mine got nicked about 6 months ago and fortunately for me back in my possession within 2hrs of finding it gone.

Had been dumped in my local park… Good luck though mate.

Thanks - I’ll be having a proper look around later this eve and over the weekend. My partner’s got a little CG125 while she preps for her Mod 1 & 2 so that’ll speed things up a bit too.

I’m down in Abbey Wood and will keep my eyes peeled.  Really hope you get this back. Lovely bike.

Mate, as someone else who’s had a bike (two bikes, actually) nicked recently, I feel your pain. It’s such a shitty feeling. Fingers crossed it gets recovered, but if not (and to be honest, it probably won’t be), I hope you have a decent experience with your insurer, get it paid out quickly, and get back on the road soon!

Thanks all, I’ll assume the worst for now but I hope to be back out on the road asap - it’s been great to be riding again, I only got my full my licence in March after a 7 year break from a few years of 125s. I’ve got an eye on some UK touring later in the year, and this place looks like a good forum too so I’m glad I found it, even if it was because of unfortunate events!

Lesson #1 - Get a tracker on the next bike!

Lesson #2 - find a way to hide a claymore under the seat…