Green Flag recovery - Praise or Shame?

Since my insurer wanted to add £65 to add cover for bike recovery (!) to the premium I said no and want to get my own seperate cover for basic motorcycle recovery since it seems the basic cover can be had for as little as £25 a year.Was considering Green Flag but can’t get very far on their online system since it seems only to understand car vehicles and not motorcycles, not a good omen so far…

So I was hoping on some feedback on Green Flag or other another Company recommendation.



I have been using NCI for a couple of years.

£85 for personal cover for me and my wife on any vehicle.

They haven’t been too bad and they use SOS as a motorcycle recovery/breakdown who have been excellent the many times I have called them out…:wink:

I’m with AA, less than £50 for me and any vehicle i’m travelling on/with. They have dedicated bike response vans too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, I’ve joined NCI for the bike cover too now, I’ve already got car cover with the car insurance people for my wife and I so its cool.Max

anyone with recent experience of Green flag?
looking at getting personal cover with them- means Im covered for any vehicle

Avoid RAC. A friend’s bike broke down about 7pm in Broomfield, Essex a couple of weeks back. They quoted him a 4 hour response, which ought to have been 11pm. They arrived at 5:30am the following morning. Fortunately, the weather was reasonable, but leaving a motorcyclist exposed to the elements overnight is awful.