Greek woman tourched Brittons genitals!

well if you play with fire expect to get burned!! :w00t:

If it’s true, served him right ! :cool:

He probably went to Greece expecting a nice Kebab - he didn’t realise it would be his meat and two veg. . . :smiley: - good for her! :slight_smile:

c’mon someones got to

Great Balls of Fire…sorry.

I bet he won’t be doing that again, well done to the lady.


Ace! I like that. We need a lot more Greek ladies around. Is it possible to hire her?

Or maybe “come on baby light my fire” :smiley:


that’s 1 immigrant I wouldn’t mind. coming over :slight_smile:

Thats exactly what that other chap did, tried to come over her, and look what she did to him.

That’s called a Flaming Cóck :smiley:

Lol, good for her!

Just a waste of Sambuca tis all! :smiley:

and I thought Johnny Cash’s ‘ring of fire’ was about a curry?

What the fire truck !Why did he stand still whilst she put a naked flame next to his sambucca soaked balls the mans an idiot . . .

Had a mate once set his face on fire with sambucca … his name was steve. True story:hehe: