Greece on a!

just want to say fantastic photos…

Well done mate

Yep, they truely were breath-taking, I need to get back out there to the continent, and further! Nice one Andrew, I’m sure it’s going to prove inspirational to a few of us!

Great pictures. Realy glad that you enjoyed it. Cant believe the state of some of those roads, worse than London!

Andrew… The photo’s took my breath away, especially the sunset one… Looks like you had the best time and the roads look amazing…

Andrew! what a great trip mate! I have been to Italy and some of the other countries you passed by, what lovely memories you will have with you! Really nice of you to to share it with us. Great pics!

Oh guys, gang, I’m truly honoured to be nominated for and awarded those fine words (sob)

I’d like to dedicate this award to:

Kawasaki for building a fine motorbike that doesn’t mind where the petrol comes from or what it’s mixed with


Canon for a sturdy camera that produced fine pics after being bounced around on a daily basis,


Eurohike for their cheap and functional tents


Ewan and Charlie for the inspiration - I love you guys


Devitts for sorting out the green card in double quick time

(complete breakdown)

And myself for being such great company

I am making your award as I speak!!! Sh1t… just dropped it… Ooooops…

AAAARRRGGGHHH…twice in one night!!

A bike trip to Scotland…a bike trip to Greece…oh to live in Europe where such things would be possible. I can ride 2-3 hours straight in one direction and not even leave the STATE in which I live. :mad

Great pictures…thanks for posting them!