Great petition

Great Petition.

Done already !!

Oh yipee. Yet another petition for those in government to ignore.

Signed. But bored of these things now tbh. If we lived in a democracy they might have some effect.

Done that ages ago.

I thought they already have opened all the bus lanes up to motorbikes? Didn’t it say that in MCN last week?

No. The government has changed its advice to local authorities. It used to be that bus lanes should not be open to motorcycles without good reason and the evidence to show it was a good idea was lacking.

As despite this advice sevral places have allowed motorcycles in bus lanes, and there is no evidence of problems the advice has been changed to tell local authorities that they should make an objective judgement based o nthe evidence. We all still need to pester our loal authorities, TFL etc to get them to change the curent rules.

As for the petition, I am not sure who is messing around, but it is much preferable to sign this petition -