Great new thread! B-)


Ps, I’m having new rear wheel bearings fitted to That Bike…:slight_smile:

haha good :wink:

im still glad I got something at all lol… see even with the gaffer on the indicators and one missing plus the burnt out plate, people STILL want her! :crying: cant remember if youd said anyone had tried to nick That Bike??

i never had this trouble with the SV :frowning:

Thats cause moto’s are cool as **** and being a KTM makes it even cooler, everyone wants them :w00t:Just write something like suzuki on the side of it and they’ll leave it alone :hehe:

How can KTM be cool? There’s fecking loads of’em. Rarity, thats cool!:cool: Y’know like XR’s!:stuck_out_tongue:

Who’d wanna steal That bike? It’d be like stealing the Monalisa! :smiley:

No one would steal that bike cos everyone would think it had long since broken down & been abandoned. Should have a police aware sign on it. :slight_smile:

Haha!! Not with my new paint job they wont! :smiley:


Now there’s a thought!:w00t:

Its because there so cool that everyone wants them :stuck_out_tongue:

And i have to agree about thepolice sign for ‘That Bike’ :hehe:

Traffic took an interest in the other bike last night!:wink:

Thinking of getting a supermoto, any advice on a good buy for under £300?

You could prob get some wheels for that if your lucky :w00t:

What you done now :w00t::hehe:

Did they ask to take it away and use at shows as a learning tool :stuck_out_tongue:

I was on The R1!:stuck_out_tongue:

They thought I’d been speeding…obviously a clear case of wrong person… They tried to be sneaky and sneak up on Sneaky in the darkness by just using their blues to push out of junctions. Then switch them off where the rider they were after would see them…so I heard!:Whistling:

Unfortunately, sneaky git they were trying to catch apparently doubled back as he’d obviously spotted them. Those Traffic guys are like hound-dogs those. They doubled back and met me about a mile away!:cool: They were coming the opposite direction. When I was their reversing lights come on in my mirrors I new they were coming for “A Chat”. I had the chance to easily disappear, but as it wasn’t me, there was no point running…right?:stuck_out_tongue:

They closed up in a side road that crosses the end of my road. Still no Blues. As I passed my road and turned into the alley way the alley-way to rear of my house, and my garage they must have figured I was gonna bolt! They over shot the alley-way and locked pretty relieved that I’d stopped:D

Naturally, the guys were helpful and gave me some good advice:cool: It would prolly been better if the intended recipient had received it tho!:smiley:

It had occurred to me to do as we used to do as kids when plod were chasing us (and we’d done nowt wrong. Keep going around the block and doubling back until they got enough re-enforcements to surround us. But with my driving licence on the line, stupidity prolly wouldn’t have been best appreciated!:hehe:

Ah…that takes me back!:alien:



is that old turd still on the road? lol :w00t:

Technically no. The bsatard wouldnt start this mornin! I had to take the R1 in:angry:

hey how dya no i was meaning you, could of been powerpuff :wink: lol :w00t:

I meant me, not the bike!:stuck_out_tongue:

wheres my hub lee? :slight_smile:

and you on the road at the moment? i fancy a ride out before my KTM goes…