Grand Prix recommendations - F1/MotoGP

F1 Grand Prix tickets just went on sale for 2021.

Anyone recommend it? Would you be more interested in going for MotoGP rather than F1?

I went to Italian Grand Prix in Milan in 2016. Great experience very noisy, lots of fun, but don’t really expect to keep up with what’s happening in the race. Your in a single spot and can’t really put the entire thing in context.

Not really a F1 fan but it’s nice to say I’ve been there and done that. Would I do it again probably not.

Don’t do Silverstone, well for the MotoGP it’s expensive and unless you pay for a grandstand seat you won’t see much unless you get to the fence line early, even it’s limited as the circuit is so flat.
I’ve done San Marino and Barcelona Moto GP, both great experiences (especially as we rode there)
As Kevsta says you’re in one position so make sure you can see one for the screens to see all the action.
I wouldn’t mind going to Brno for a race.

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LB should do a group trip down to one


Already have :grin:


Wow! That is gorgeous! You went on your own tho? Where are the others? :joy:

Went with 5 other LBers

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Were you the dedicated photographer and went ahead to catch pictures as they came around the corner knee down?

My recommendation is don’t bother with MotoGP at Silverstone, do BSB much better.
I went to practice and qualifying for the F1 at Silverstone in 2008, enjoyed it, not sure it’s worth the money though. I’d be looking at going somewhere in Europe instead.

Was with Nivag on his trips - and done Le Mans too (Very easy to get too - loads of good spots for viewing).

Booked for Aragon this year but that ain’t happening. Still riding down though as all the hotels / ferries etc were booked :slight_smile:

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I’ve been to quite a few F1 over the years: Silverstone, Hockenheim, Spa several times, Sepang.

The best for bang for buck I found was Malaysia. Entry prices were very modest (I don’t know if this is still the case) the comfortable stadium was cheaper than grass entry on any European circuit, the layout is well designed so that the stadia get a view of almost half the circuit, the weather is guaranteed shorts and t-shirts, but what blew me away was the food: forget greasy hamburgers from Silverstone, they have a full food court of amazing Malaysian Indian and Chinese food, all at super cheap prices.

We went with a group of friends, many of whom had zero interest in the racing, and everyone had a great day out.

The flights we found were very reasonable and altogether it cost us less than stadium tickets at a European venue.


No race in Malaysia, hasn’t been for a few years now

MotoGP Tromboman :slight_smile:

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Ah yeah they still race there, no F1 though

Vietnam New track for f1

Thinking about it, I’ve also done BSB, club racing, never done a MotoGP, nor WSB, or any road racing. I’ll have to tick those off the list in the next couple of years.

If you get a chance, I’d also recommend classic F1 racing… Those cars sound incredible going round Brands where you are up and close to them.

And the guys don’t race lightly, we even saw one flip in front of us!

A bit left field but if you get the opportunity the Daytona 500 is worth a look. I’ve been 3 times. You can see the entire track and every incident happens right infront of you.

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