Graffiti Artist Required

I need a good artist for a job at work, please PM me,


when are you about dude?

what kinda stuff?
i have a good few mates who may be able help…not on here that often but email p[dot]one[at]btinternet[dot]com

Back off!!! This is our Ratty’s territory here… No place for a mate of a mate!!! :wink:

alright fella calm down

just trying to help ffs…i know a lot of writers, is all.

All the time!!

In all day Saturday if you want to pop up, or could meet at ACE?

haha easy fred!

down boy!

will see what exactly adam wants done first, maybe plurkers mates could come down and join in, difrent styles make a piece flow…:cool:

Ace saturday fella, sounds grand to me:D

That the only thing (that and putting your knee down anywhere and everywhere with a very funny body position) that I know you to be very good at so…
As for Plurkers mates, let them post some pics of there work so that we can judge by ourselves :smiley:


there is no spoon (30/04/2009)

Grae -
Rem -

plurker (30/04/2009)

That is not bad at all.
Now we are talking business…
Ratty, you’re fired!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Something like this is what i’m after!

plurker (30/04/2009)

a mate of mine Mear knows Rough very well…

they are difrent level to me…they are very very good, they been doing it at least 15 years, rough is old skool…but unfortunetly he has shall we say a stained character within london graf…

seem him paint at plaistow and tottenham loads…was even there when SB lot robbed him, they know not to mess my cru;)