GPS for android?

hi guys and girls.

I need a satnav for getting around London, I’ve tried Google navigation, its OK, but it doesn’t say turn at the next left, it says turn left on park road, so you have to look and guess which road it means! any others you guys use?

cheers !

Navfree has been pretty good for me

I should also mention I don’t have a USB charger on bike so I just have it in my pocket

+1, I use this on a Nexus 7 and I’ve found it works fine

How do you guys mount the thing and do you have a charger? Do you have headphones?

Because I dont use mine often, I bought this satnav bag that goes over the handle bars was about £20, does the job and yes Ihave headphones in as well (for the directions not music)

I use navfree

+1 for navfree, but he you want speed and traffic light camera warnings, together with traffic info then Waze is the way to goB-) is pretty good. Sun rises in the East, sets in the West. Can also use the river as it flows East-West, sort of.

Bus stops are handy as you can tell which direction to go to head towards x/y/z. Failing that, taxi drivers are often helpful (not those horrid Addy Lee ones)


I use Navigon with headphone. It has speed camera alert and probably also has traffic updates if you pay for it.

I have/had navigon was so poo I gave up and went back to googlemaps

Copilot is the best satnav I have had on a phone but didn’t want to buy it again on the S4 (will download it for free when I get the iphone 5s) so using navfree and it’s good just not as good as copilot and works in my pocket!

Navfree is good. Use it instead of the one in the car as well.

I’ve never recently bothered with headphones with it; I don’t find a voice coming from my satnav to be particularly useful. I recently tried it with the headset and I just got annoyed at how much talking was going on over what I was listening to, explaining something that was quite clear on the screen in front of me.

I use NavFree but for a while now it’s had this annoying feature where the bit that says what to do at the next junction is generally showing a countdown to going straight on, and it’s only within the last mile of that countdown that it changes to showing what you actually need to do (turn right, take the left fork etc.) which is pretty annoying and I can’t work out any benefit.

Like most Android and/or cross-platform stuff it’s a bit clunky and doesn’t quite fit with the UX of the rest of the device but it’s certainly very usable; of the free ones, it’s still the least annoying one for me.