As predicted, should we go all electric the income from VEL and Fuel tax will leave an income shortfall of £40billion per annum.
The latest idea from HMG is to charge motorists per mile for road usage ( motorcycles included).
Whatever next? Discuss!

Don’t fret, there’s never going to be a shortfall in real life. Year on year there is growth in the revenue stream from the various motor vehicle taxation schemes. Despite some vehicles being exempt from ‘Vehicle Tax’ and others having reduced rates the overall revenue stream remains very healthy. The rules will be changed to suit growth, that is assuming that the real enemy that is Johnson’s Brexit, or any other Brexit, allows us to continue to function as a first world country.

They’ll just increase tax on electricity.

As someone with a car in the highest VED band, and unpleasantly surprised to see my motorbike renewal is another £91, and as someone who does very little annual mileage, I am all in favour of a pay-as-you-go scheme.

I also happen to do most of my car’s mileage outside of the country. The only reason really I keep a car is for long summer trips abroad. So I would be a double winner, I’d only be paying for the 60 miles to Dover, my driving costs in France wouldn’t change.

Maybe it could be like phones: you could choose pay-as-you-go or all-you-can-eat as you wish.

…and then some. Everything we buy is delivered by road and the delivery firms wouldn’t possible be able to absorb any additional costs to their fleet mileage, and additional cost there will be otherwise what would be the point of the exercise? The price of everything from our breakfast cereal and morning post to our evening tipple and bedtime drink will cost us more.

But don’t fret the additional costs will be hidden amidst the aftermath of Brexit when not only everything apart from the air that we breath will cost us more, the pound in our pocket will be worth less too or should that be worthless?

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