Govt E petition, preventing noise complaints near racetracks.

NIMBY, Not in My (Recently Acquired) Back Yard

The thrust of this e-petition is that anyone who movesclose to an existing venue waives the right to complain about the noise. Ifthey are not tolerant to the noise then don’t move there! See below.

This sort of problem is happening with all sorts ofindustries and businesses, not just motorsport. There is much profit to be had in buying a house cheaply and then getting theoffending adjacent site closed down. With tightening environmental awareness,motorsport venues are increasingly on the back foot against organised lobbygroups.

Please support the petition by signing it.

It can be accessed here.

That’s a really good use of a petition. Most are badly thought out and badly presented rubbish but this is spot on, save our circuits! I’ve signed. Thanks for sharing.