Got off the bike badly on the motorway slipway...

Came back from Portsmouth last night and took a slip way to the A3 by Guildford and shortly after accelerating I find myself hi-siding from the bike and hitting the hardshoulder barrier excessively.

I got up like nothing happens and tried to get the bike up (which I was able to do as the CBR(PC40) is a girls bike).

1st - the bike looks quite alright (people who saw me later at night at the ACE can confirm). It simply rested (digged :w00t: )in the grass, so I could drive it without problems, but the right mirror was gone and the right front indicator was hanging down and grass everywhere :D. The steering feels a bit light, though. Fortunately a dude on a 125cc Chopper stopped and escorted me back in to Hammersmith at around 40mph, as I was not sure how safe it is on the motorway on my own with this bike.

2nd - I got to A&E later and had my spine checked and my right ankle x-rayed. The nurses at the hospital thought I am joking around because there was everything alright with my skin, but I brought my Helmet as proof so that they can see where my head hit the barrier. Anyway, everything seems okay - thanks to high priced GEAR- and I feel really up like I had a massive BAR FIGHT last night!

Think I am gonna stay off the bike for 2 weeks until all the sprains are ok and in that time I gonna get the BIKE stuff sorted.

Again, thanks to the DUDE on the Chopper for escorting me into London. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you got off fairly lightly there mate !

Sounds like a lucky escape!

Glad to hear it wasn’t worse.

Well, considering my speed at the time of impact and what I was hitting it should have been fatal…98%Fate and 2% Magic :hehe:

Sorry to hear of your off, but glad you’re not to hurt. Take it easy for a while and as you say, sort the bike in the meantime.Good luck with the repairs to both you and the bike and I hope you heal quickly.

By the way…as you’re so lucky at the mo…any chance you can buy me a lotto ticket!? :wink:


Glad your ok - your a lucky guy! ;):slight_smile:

That’s one of your lives gone…Glad to hear you’re ok :cool:

Wow, glad to hear you’re ok!



glad you ok man!! so bikes not too bad then? sounds liek you got away with alot mate!!

sorry i missed ya call yesterday, will call you later.

watch out with those RR’s mate when i was having repair work done from people reversing into it so a straight fall to the ground the bill came to around £3500 each time. Both times replacing the swing arm due to it getting scratched but still working fine. Hope you’re back on the road soon. Take a page out of my book to and ride like a girl:P

Oooh! Ouch! That could have been so much worse. Glad you’re OK fellah.

Blimey, glad your ok, thank god for the 2% magic!! :slight_smile:

Yeah the bike does not seem to bad, which is also important to me…I think I am still a bit under shock though and now I know how it must be to be a crash test dummy :P.

Thanks for all the understanding and helpful posts…

you nutter!! glad it wasnt a bad one and you got off lucky :slight_smile:

das is nein goot mene :pinch: but good that you’re still with us to post up :slight_smile: