Got good biking videos?

I’m really interested in hearing from folks who’ve got biking video content they’ve created. We’re doing something with video shortly and I want to see what we can throw together as members…

Stuff I’m interested in:

  • fly-on-the-wall videos
  • onboard-bike footage
  • editorial style footage

Nothing pirated or the like.


have a look at my youtube… . i’m still experimenting with different stuff :slight_smile: theres some reasonable footage from oulton park on there, done with a setup that cost circa £100 all in.

I’m off to assen next, and i should have a 3 cam system setup on the bike - 1 x forwards facing at high res, 1 x rear facing, and 1 x rider facing. the latter 2 will be picture in picture with the forwards facing dominating the vid.

first PiP test after gaffa taping some cam’s to the bike this morning… quality has been brought down for youtube :smiley:

heres a short montage i created from our races at Assen last weekend :slight_smile:

Nice one Darren:)

Super quality pics there mate:)

I’ve got a video of a GSX-R1000 and a ZX6R in Scotland around Loch Ness. Drive-by style. It’s about 80MB though as it’s taken from my mini-DV camcorder and is quite high quality.

I’ve got a working helmet cam setup now and I’m hoping to get more varied footage from this years jaunt (GSX-R1000 and GSX-R750 this year).

Looking to get some good trackday footage of LBers at Silverstone on the 30th too.

I’m getting quite interested in this movie malarkey - got a JCV 107EK mini DV camera, a dog cam 420 bullet cam and a sweet Alienware setup for editing the movies.





On bike footage I’ve got Brands Indy, Silverstone GP, Donington GP, Rockingham International, Anglesey Coastal and International + a bit of footage in the French Alps.

My old boss ordered a new BMW from the states - went over there to pick it up and is now riding around the states on it, he does some brilliant video’s of his travels! Theres 5 episodes so far: - thats the 1st, the others are listed down the side.

trouty? lil bit off the subject but on ya first post what is the song playing in the background and who is it buy? awesome song. good bit of filming to, i want a camera set upup for my bike where did you get your gear from?


with arms wide open, by Creedits all been shot with a sony 580 hq1 camera, attached to a dv500 recorder. if money was no object, id get the pdr100 recorder. kit came from

i have got videos but i cant post them. ‘slightly illegal’

i picked up a digital video camera second hand from ebay for £60. its a few years old but it was like a £1000 when it came out. you need one that accepts AV in. chuck that under the seat with a battery pack and then,…

put that with a bullet camera and mic that cost about £70 from

the camera will link to my laptop and i can edit from there. very good quality all for under £200. of silverstone last august not very good but first vdieo attempt onboard my srad

and heres my almost high side of brands

1 lap of brands and an almost highside<A href=“” onclick=“yt.EventManager.fireEvent(‘PlayVideos’, [‘Ld6ucBfGKX4’]); return false;”>