Got a couple of Constands

Bit the bullet, bought two of these Constand central stands from a german website. I won’t say which one as they were terrible, taking ages to deliver, giving no information willingly along the way and no tacking info, but they turned up after a month, and after some construction and huffing and puffing, they’re working.

Getting them built is easy. Though the instructions for installing the custom plates you need for each bike are absolutely terrible. Missing information and in my case, the instructions weren’t even for the right bike, and I had to cut away some faring to install them (not a huge issue as you can’t see the area I cut away from, but still not great).

Also, there were no torque settings for any of the bolts. I managed to find all but one of the original bolt torque settings from the OEM documents, but had to guess on one, though of course I used some loctite to secure it, along with all the other bolts.

I needed quite a spread of tools. A large torx bit for one part of the Ducati, many sockets, two 18mm sockets for the Aprilia and a torque wrench.

They work really well though once together. Easy enough after a bit of practice to get the bikes up on the stand even when doing it solo.

I bought them to make life easier at trackdays with tyre warmers (going that route soon), cleaning the wheels, oiling the chain, etc, and also moving the bikes around the garage is now MUCH easier.

The plastic I had to cut away with a multi-tool from the V2 to mount the adapter plate. When the fairing is on, it’s not visible and it doesn’t seem to affect the rigidity of the rest of the plastic, so I was happy enough to cut it away, but I don’t expect that for something that’s meant to be designed for my specific bike.

Looking good, thread locker may have been OTT but so long as it was blue Loctite 243 (medium strength) or similar you should have no future dismantling issues. You need to get a round tuit and trim that plastic with a hack saw blade, Stanley knife or similar and finish it off with a sheet of scratch or talk to @pricetta about an emery board :wink:


It’s a Ducati, you have to loctite everything or it’ll shake itself loose :slight_smile: yes, used blue medium.

You can’t see the plastic area I cut away when the fairings are reinstalled so it’s not an issue. That said, I had already filled away the edges after using the multi-tool.

@Jay was getting envious how smart the garage looks but then saw even you haven’t quite finished.

Hah! Yeah, unfortunately the exterior wall needs some repair. It was letting through some damp. Need to sort that. Think some brick sealant then paint the exterior and then seal coat the interior and repaint.

If its coming up from the floor check the damp course, if its coming down from the ceiling check the gutters.

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I have a constands too, been using it for a couple of years on a number of bikes, S1000r, CBR1000rr and now my R1.

I bought it originally as it was much cheaper than a Warrior or 1jac, and it had the advantage of being able to fold down the central lift piller which made it great for taking on Euro TDs.

It looks like the design has been modified as it has a different lift pin and legs to mine.

I had to put some washers on the mounting bracket as the bike would lean slightly away from the stand. It freaked a few people out, but it never moved and in some cases was left for months.
I also have a 1jac, and the central lifting post is tilted slightly back which stops that sort of thing.

I was trying to find a 1jac mounting plate for my R1 as I thought it was better than the Constands (although looking at your review it looks like they have sorted the issues I had) and come across a few sites…it looks like the Constands (and warrior stand) is a rip off of the 1JAC, which was a 2nd gen of a Envy stand.

The creator (Nigel) turns up in this thread.
1jac V Constands review | 1000RR - The CBR1000RR Fireblade Forum

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Yeah, this is a newer Constands model. Nearly everything on it is adjustable.

The V2 mates perfectly to the adapter plate. The Aprilia has 1-2mm of space showing on one of the mounting pins. It seems secure enough, but I think I’ll have a go at adjustments to see if I can improve it so it flush-mounts on all pins. I think the main vertical post may need tilting back a little, or one of the mounting lugs adjusting.

Glad to hear you had good experiences with the previous model. That inspires a bit more confidence for track use.

@Jay can you share a link of the german website? I need to buy a motorcycle central stand for a Yamaha Tracer 2016. I’ve seen Abba Sky lift but it’s a bit expensive.

Sure thing:

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Many thanks @Jay . Do you know the differences between classic and Evo? I can’t find any information.

No, I just followed the links to buy (there’s 35% off at the mo!) the one for our bikes. Don’t remember getting a choice. Think Evo is just the new model and the old one isn’t available any more?

Thanks @Jay for your answer. I can see both models available, here you have for your Aprilia

I will ask for the difference by email to the shop.

Thanks again

Ah right. We have the cheaper ones.
The photos show the more expensive one has a better looking base, so presume it’s just built to a higher standard generally.