got a bus lane ticket!!!

just got a letter through theyve got a picture of me in the bus lane on the wandsworth road last on the 17th last week at 17.55. looks like my bike but hard to see.

this is why i hate this bus lane business must look harder next time on the signs

its it worth fighting it or not?

see should have left that old plate on your bike…not worth fighting it really just going to be more stress dealing with the idiots.

on second thoughts send them pictures of your wrecked bike and op photos and say it wasen’t you and someone cloned you:D

I guess it’s Lambeth? Make sure the date of contravention is correct… I got one from them and it said 6th Jan, yet their own CCTV still said 7th Jan… I told them I wasn’t there on the 6th… they insisted I was… I wrote back saying that the PCN contained a material error and that I’d see them on court… by the time the replied it was outside the 14day window, so they cancelled it… cheeky buggers still insisted it was enforceable!

Dont know that area, are you sure its a bus lane you cant ride a bike in?

Wandsworth Road you can’t, the parallel routes of the A3 and Battersea Park Road you can.

I’ve had one of these, I mistook a bus lane around the islington area. I tried to challenge them but with no luck and just had to bite the bullet and pay for it.

Unless they provide a picture with your number plate on your bike, i wouldn’t pay it.

How do they know it’s you for def? And plates can always be cloned:w00t:

As a matter of principal - fight it…tie up their system in admin. Useless bunch of greedy tossers in Lambeth :angry:

Check absolutely everything about the picture and even go back to the road and check it out in detail.

The biggest mistake local authorities make is in the road signage and markings.
The most simple basic error in the markings on the road make the whole thing invalid. Do a little homework and read up on the legal signage for bus lanes (check google and pepipoo).

They rely on people laying down and just paying up, but its always worth appealing.

If its a definite no goer then just pay it, but definitely dig deeper and have a go at the initial contesting.

I’m fighting a ticket with Bromley at the moment and I think I have a good chance of winning… Make sure all signs are correct, if the bus lane is in a 30mph zone then they need to have placed warning signs at least 30 meters in advance of this in order to give traffic enough time to change lanes.

The fact they don’t have a pic of you in the bus lane with your license visible doesn’t matter. Been there , tried that.