Goretex query

Other than the product descriptions is there any way that you can tell if the Goretex is woven into the fabric rather than as a liner? Because not all jackets have descriptions and those that do use any sort of language to make it as complicated as possible!!:doze:

It’s all rather confusing… I had assumed the Pro shell meant that but apparently not. Is there any difference between Pro Shell and Performance Shell?

Pro Shell is not woven into the outer fabric, it’s bonded to the inside of it, Performance Shell is the ‘traditional’ Gore-Tex where it’s a separate layer between the outer & the liner.

As far as I can see, Hein Gericke have stopped making kit using Pro Shell, the PSX jacket you talked about appears to be old stock clearance as it’s half price & only available in some sizes. My old Master 5 gear is Pro Shell but it’s replacement, the current Master Evo is Performance Shell, even though it’s still their top of the range jacket.

As Rukka are still using Pro Shell in their top end kit but Performance Shell in their (relatively!) cheaper models, I assume HG have dropped it due to the cost?