GoPro hero 7 with Hypersmooth stabilisation

New GoPro looks good

Check out @thisisFoxx’s Tweet:

all we have to do is wait for SJ cams to copy it & sell their unit @ half the price of a gopro

Casey Neistat did a little review of it which was fun

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How good are the SJ cameras in comparison?

SJ Cams have very good reviews & the people I know that have them haven’t complained about then
if I wanted to have that style of helmet cam I would consider the SJ I wouldn’t have a go pro
@ the moment im a Drift user

I have two SJ Dash cams in my car & haven’t had any problems

for mounting on helmet/ bike i dont really like the squareness of them… i prefer a tube type…

I had a SJCam for £50 odd and upgraded to the GoPro Hero 6 for £350 odd.

Without a doubt the GoPro is better, but nowhere near the price difference better. Stuff like super slomo, 4k etc is nice, but in reality 99% of my use is simple 1080p continuous recording on the bike, which the SJCam did just as well.

What you’ll almost exclusively hear of the SJcam is “for the price you can’t complain”. Doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily good in quality, it’s just always compared to the gopro in quality and then price.

I don’t really use my GoPro these days (4 Black) but I am tempted to try the 7 Black as it does look very impressive. I doubt any budget cam will come close to their image stabilisation. As said, it depends what you want from a cam really.

I still use my GoPro on the back of the bike but a TomTom Bandit is more aerodynamic and gets great footage :metal:

For all the time I’ve had a GoPro I’ve still never got round to using it on the motorbike.
Used it loads on the mountainbike or road cycling in the Alps but never on the motorbike :laughing: