Goood Mooooorning !

Yep Good Morning One and All…

so its Thursday and that means one whole “shite” day left before the TFI,s Friday Feeling is here…

The Weekend is the upon us and I,d like to be a right nose ointment and ask…

Who,s Doing What ???..

Good morning dude! Tomorrow night I’m out with a friend for a bite to eat and a catch on the ol’ gossip. Rest of the weekend I’m at Brands Hatch supporting Chuffster in his race efforts.

Have a good one!

Morning Stormer…

Give the “Old Duffer” a big shout of support from me !!..


not a lot chilling out Saturday, sunday with Karen relaxign again! Sorted! Roll on 4pm Friday!

MORNING! busy busy busy today, got a job in whittering where ever that is! then head home to uxbridge/slough tomorrow to earn some extra cash over the weekend! should be about friday night though!

brands hatch track day this eve, again on monday, and prob a fair bit of partying through the weekend


Finishing fairing, installing navigation lights and being a dad.

Barro at that time of the morning it was last night still on my view! lol

Have a nice day mate!

Gooooooood Moooooorning londonbikers!

Good to see y’all last night - great turn out and it was so warm - let’s hope it stays that nice over the weekend… for those of you that don’t know… Abby and I are heading down to the Barge Inn this weekend to check it out for the Summer Bash…

details here

Essentially - leaving the Ace at around 11am - comfy ride down - I’ll be camping Abby is heading back home so you can either come and camp or leave on Sat night.


Who you calling an old duffer? Good to see you out and about last night and glad to have the wit back on the forum dude. This ‘Old Duffer’ as you sou eloquently put it will be trying to kick some bootang around Brands Hatch indy circuit this weekend.

Just to annoy you though, my weekend starts at 16:00 today. Yipeeeeeee. A full day of Brands tomorrow to test followed by 2 days racing. Sorted.

Chuff the Stuff Rulz Ok…

Kick Ass Duffster …best of luck…


Not sure of my plans for the weekend yet, there is MotoGP and WSB on, so there will be plenty of news to go up on the site and I can’t let myself fall behind on it…

Oi Foxter…Im just over the road in the Control Room…come out to play…lol…I,ll buy ya a long cool, summer cocktail for branding my new Lid !!!..