I’ve just been having a look around it. Not really sure what it’s for.

Just how many social networking sites does the world need?

Need an invite to join dont you?

Yeah, I got one - not sure if I can invite people yet - PM me your email address if you want one and I can do it.


I got one today too - not sure how much it helps if at all yet, though looks a bit swish.

Apparently the “invite” doesn’t work for most people … though you can invite by adding people to a “stream” (conversation/thread).

Let me know if you want an add/invite :slight_smile:

id like an invite to look around. I dont like the face of books.

The advantage of Google+ is meant to be that it is easier to keep life and work separate.

That is exactly what is appealing to me at the moment. I seems rather easy to not broadcast everything with everyone. Unlike FB and Twitter.

Plus - no adverts (yet), no Farmville type BS, no seeing my 13 year old nephew get excited about Megan Fox without blocking him entirely. + + +

I’m quite liking it myself, I already used Picasa, so photo album sharing is very easy.

I like the circles system too, very useful. is me :slight_smile:


Google+ its actually all about exclusion

good mate of mine sent me a invite still trying to get head around it…

I have put everyone into one or more of the following circles:

1 Limbo
2 Lust
3 Gluttony
4 Greed
5 Anger
6 Heresy
7 Violence
8 Fraud
9 Treachery

Yup, although, most people call it privacy and a surprising amount of people find it very important.

So, post some links for your profiles, I don’t have many Bikers on Google Plus yet :frowning: It’s all techy people.

I freaked out when it tried uploading every camera shot I took. There’s an option you might want to disable before using your phone cam next time.

I think that’s a fantastic feature. As long as you’re set to have it only do it on WiFi… I had about 300 photo’s to backup, it took around 6 hours!

It is a good feature, but should be opt in, not opt out. I guess it depends on what sort of photos you have on your phone. On the plus side, I think they do only upload to your picasaweb drop box for your approval, so while they might upload, they won’t be immediately visible to anyone but you. Phew.

Yeah, they’re private by default. I forget now, doesn’t it ask you when installing, or the first time you run it? I seem to remember it asking me, as initially I said no, then looked through the options to check I could do it WiFi only, then turned it on.


I need more bikers in my biker circle! Any more on Google Plus now?

You can sign up using this link -

Then find me at :slight_smile:

(post here if you add me, most people add me due to Android/tech stuff)