Google Fractal maps

This is Google Maps but for fractals. Choose your fractal and play!,0.7595056095160666$z=24$p=e5063d,5dff4c,7f93ff,663300,fffc05$f=mandel3

doesnt work? unless my fractal has 0 parts :w00t:

Well it looks very pretty let me tell you. You can try your own if that works, if not :stuck_out_tongue:

doesnt work on mozilla but does on chrome :wink:


Julia Map uses the Google Maps API to zoom and pan into the fractals. The images are computed with HTML 5 canvas. Each image generally requires millions of floating point operations. Web workers spread the heavy calculations on all cores of the machine.

Very pretty :smiley:
I used to have an old ipod running linux and it had a fractal program running and you could zoom in and out! No colours nor such level of detail tho :slight_smile:

Fractals are freaking awesome man! Self similar patterns over an infinite scale! Complex numbers, the square root of -1. Freaky twists of fate of mathematical concepts! Friggin AWSOME MAN! :w00t: