Goodwood Festival of Speed 2008

Awesome day at goodwood for the '08 installment on what for me is one of the best motorsport events of the year!For those that haven’t been, it takes place on Lord March’s driveway at Goodwood house where all types of machinery compete to put in the best time up the hill (or showboat to please the crowd :cool: ). Great event both for the great variety of machinery on display and being used, but also the full access you get to get up close and personal with the cars, bikes, riders and mechanics.

In case the Phase One Endurance R1 guys happen to see this, thanks again for showing me the endurance bike in detail and the tips for improving the wheel changes on the track days. The 15-20 second wheel change and fueling was really impressive (didn’t realise that what I’d happened to ask them about was actually what they were there to demonstrate out on the hill course!)

a ‘few’ shots from the new cam -[email protected]/sets/72157606168859727/show/

Nicer photos there mate. I hardly saw any racing but it was a great day. Looking forward to the revival meeting.

Some quality pics JB well done.

nice one!


first try at the panning shots so i’m pretty pleased with some of the results considering (and had to be careful with what i fired off as was having severe battery issues!)

There’s some great pics there, looks like you had a fun day. I’ve not been for the last couple of years but it is one of the best days out you can ever have, well if you’re a petrol head anyway!! :smiley:

some awesome stuff there - i need to get down to goodwood. it’s a long way from yorkshire and it makes the ride to brands seem like a daytrip to skeggy!

yeah, its a shortish dash from london (about 1hr 45 mins if you dont get stuck in too much traffic, esp on the way out of the event) but from yorkshire its a bit of a trek.

The Goodwood Revival is on in a couple of months - great fun and at the racetrack too. Best get looking for an outfit!

Good stuff man, sweet action. Love the Lancia Stratos, an all time fave :slight_smile:

very cool machine, complete pig to get the colour to come out right. kept getting orange flare off the paint?

Man I will have to go to that next year…nice pics there mate…

What a cracking show! Really cool shots Ben! You need to stop getting so excited though as most of your photos are blurred :slight_smile: Hands on the camera!

I’ve so got to go next year.

And what’s with the photo of a giant boob?

um, giant boob?

in terms of the blurring do you mean the movement shots, or the static ones? ’

the upload didn’t do them in the order they were shot so got a bit better at the panning shots as the day wore on - not sure what shutter speed i should be working with?

most of the static ones are sharp on full res i think? used a fairly naff compression programme to reduce the shots down so maybe its that. will take a look again at them. have upgraded my flickr account so might try uploading the originals

just ignore him Ben, he’s ever the critic. :stuck_out_tongue: