Goodwood breakfast club

I’ll be running down to the goodwood breakfast club meet sunday morning, leave box at 8am, post if ya coming…

I’m up for this, will see you at box.

lovely bonk :wink:

Hangover dependent - I’ll give getting up early on a Sunday a try…

Sunday mornings before the roads clock up with cages, its the best time for a ride… hope to see ya there… :wink:

great ride, good breakfast, thanks


Hope you all had a good ride and breakfast.

Perhaps there’ll be a ride I can make soon. :smiley:

Got down there but not 'til about 10 - Blimey that were a lot of bikes and a lot of people! Nice roads down there though.
Will try and catch the next sparrows fart,

Thanks PW, great ride.

Think I’ll be doing the Goodwood thing again.

Nice to meet you Major.

Ride safe blokes!

and you bonk, nice to meet ya major, its a good little run aint it!

lovely spot in the summer, have a bit of breaky inb the airfield cafe, chill and watch the planes… :cool:

shame you missed us, not bad for a free gig is it!?

Heard an old saying in the car park by a bloke buying his breakfast:

“at least dick turpin wore a mask!” :w00t:

made me chuckle…