Goodwood Breakfast Club.

This weekend is Italian Sunday at Goodwood.  Hopefully I will be making my way down there. Starts at 7.00am till lunch time. If anyone is looking for some where to ride to this Sunday, it’s well worth a look.  Normally call in at the Departure lounge at Alton on the way home , there may be a classic car show on there aswell.

We’ll be there with the parents in law… heading there in the car though so we can all go together.

Should be there pretty early to try and not park 5 miles away

We’re in Christchurch for the Saturday night and the plan was to detour via Goodwood on the way back. It’s more than likely that we’re going to be a pair of old chuffers and be in the ka.

Have a good day embracing the flair and beauty of Italian design.

I love the breakfast club… it’s the best place to point at stuff and pretend you know what you’re showing appreciation to…

However seeing a car with a lalique ashtray was quite unique…

weather forecast is good for Chichester tomorrow, so we will be venturing down in the morning.

Have fun.  Sorry can’t join you this week.   

Anyone up for meeting at Rykas Box Hill at 9.30 for 10am depart? Please confirm to assure I will be there.

I’m heading down from the Cotswolds, so no Box Hill for me. I will be calling at the Departure Lounge on the way home though. Geoff B will be down there as well.

At Jetstream hows the pussies ?

We’re leaving home at 6.30 to get there for 7.30 for some brekkie…

ok Serrisan will catch you down there at some point, should be there around 9am-ish.

We’re up and attempting to get our proverbial together, thanks to the hidden, mystery alarm clock that went off at stupid o’clock earlier!

Heading off now. Won’t be dropping in to Rykas.